We are stronger than we think!

A number of years ago when my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer I met a challenge head on and didn’t even know it! In retrospect I have learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know then. It had taken the doctors weeks to figure out what was wrong with him.  He first went to the doctor complaining about pain along the back of his wais... Read more ›

Love Scrapbooks But Hate To Scrapbook?

A hand-made scrapbook is a work of art.  It can be a coalescence of photo memories, written history, and artistic creativity. If you love scrapbooks the hours it takes to create them are nothing compared to the joy of seeing your visions come alive.  And the boxes of special papers with their textures, patterns, and colors , the ribbons, the ... Read more ›

What will you do with your photos when you downsize?

https://youtu.be/X1-u0tQgrOQ In this video Tiffany Richards of Samson Properties interviewed me to get my ideas of the best ways to handle photos when downsizing. When someone lives in a home for 30 or more years, they usually collect a large number of pictures.  Waiting until moving day to decide what to do with them only creates stress a... Read more ›

How to Preserve Your Family Photos

This quick video will give you some ideas on how to preserve your family photos in a way that matters. If you’re thinking of putting all your family photos on CDs for the kids, don’t do it. That is to say your children may recognize most of the people in the photos, but future generations will not.  Nor will they know the stories or events... Read more ›