Family Legacy Movies

  • Old fashioned buggy 1930's
  • Strangers in the Box
  • Marguerite
  • Ancestor from Spanish American War
  • Boy scouts 1930s

How do you remember your grandparents?
What do you want your grandchildren to remember about you?
Would you like your great-great-great grandchildren to meet you?

Family Legacy

Do you remember any of the stories your great grandmother told you when you were a child?  Did she tell you stories about her life when she was young, fun things that she did?  Did she get into trouble?  Did she describe a life very different from yours?  Were some of her stories funny?  Did she talk about your family history and ancestry? And now for the big question!  Did you capture those stories?–on video?–on audio?–or at a minimum, in writing?  Or, are those things gone for good now?

If you still have photos or old movies, and stories that go along with them KeepsakePix can put everything together for you in a “Family Legacy Movie.”

If your Grandmother is alive, we can take video of her telling her stories.  (Maybe she remembers some of Great Grandma’s stories too.)  We’ll put it all together in a DVD movie that the whole family can watch together.  And we’ll make enough copies for all the family members that want one.  We can even make one to go in your safe-deposit box for future generations.

What are Family Legacy Movies?

Family legacy movies contain videotaped interviews of family members, and are combined with old photos, perhaps some old video clips, music, and titles.  They could be videotaped interviews of one person.  Or, they could be of  a couple talking about their life, their family history, their stories, and/or their memories. Oftentimes a child, a grandchild, or a spouse conducts the interview on film.

We help you preserve your family’s memories and history for future generations with family legacy movies. In your movie, ​KeepsakePix will give you the opportunity to talk about what is most important to you and share the wonderful moments and memories that have made you who you are.  Whether your family legacy movie focuses on ancestry, genealogy, family history, or funny stories and  memories, your family’s legacy will be treasured for generations to come.

Why Create Family Legacy Movies

Why Create a Family Legacy Movie

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