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My mission is to help families preserve and share their memories and to help small businesses promote themselves with video.

Hi, I’m Judy Blair, founder of KeepsakePix, a mobile videographer who travels to her clients to take their videos. I then produce the videos for DVDs, family sharing websites, or YouTube.

When I was a child my Dad would call us kids to pose under the bright lights for his picture taking sessions. (Today I have hundreds of those photos.)
My Mom had one of those old black box cameras and took her pictures. When I was about 9 years old she gave me my first camera. So I grew up loving pictures and taking lots of them myself. To this day my passion is taking, organizing, and displaying photos. There are many ways to do this and I enjoy discovering each new creative way to safeguard our precious memories, whether it is family legacy movies, photo montage DVDs, movies, photo collages, or on-line digital photo books or digital scrapbooks.
In 2002 I started taking photos of neighborhood parties and making DVD slideshows for my neighbors as gifts. They were so thrilled with the DVDs they encouraged me to do it as a business. Then, from photo slideshows I graduated to videotaping and making DVD movies — and KeepsakePix was born!
If you have tons of photos tucked away in old shoe boxes, digital photos just sitting on your computer or photo cards or movie files that you don’t know what to do with, I’ll turn them into custom-made unique movies or help you figure out what kind of project you’d like to use the photos in. When I create your movies for you, special transitions, movie introductions and music are all included. Add a menu or not–your choice. Select your music and you get a custom-made movie that all the family will enjoy watching on their TV for many years.
While I’ve made the traditional paper scrapbooks myself, I love making digital scrapbooks on the computer. The first one I made I created all the layers and the papers–it was so much fun! I’d make a border from the flowers in a photo. And I created a background based on the stripes of the upholstery on a bench. In addition to using photos I’d taken, I’d capture a still from movie footage. When I finished it I printed out the pages and put them in a memory book and added embellishments.  Then I gave it away. Next I missed it. Thankfully all the pages were on the computer, so I created a copy for myself. I still have it to this day. Finally, I created a DVD out of the scrapbook pages, put it to music, and added titles. Now I can look at it anytime I want on the TV screen. When I discovered Shutterfly and MixBook I used their scrap booking programs that allow me to add lots of digital embellishments and designs. They also allow me to print out the pages or send away for beautiful hard-bound photo books. I create these online for clients who don’t want to work on the computer themselves.
And all this work has led me to my passion – family legacy movies.  For a family to be able to watch and hear their parent(s) or grandparent(s) recount their family history, share their memories, or tell their stories and see the photos that bring those stories to life is the most rewarding feeling.  When the person passes, watching the family legacy movie is a very cathartic experience and helps with the grieving process.  And for the younger generations it is very educational for them to learn about their own family history in such a unique way.
In addition to creating family movies I help other business owners promote their business with testimonial videos of their satisfied clients. Video speaks so much louder than the written word. And it didn’t take long before they decided they needed videos of themselves and their businesses on their websites.  Video helps them get found on the internet so they can get more customers.


KeepsakePix specializes in helping families create family legacy movies so the future generations can know their ancestors long after they are gone. We produce and edit videos of all kinds. However family legacy movies are the heart and soul of KeepsakePix. Our mission is to help families all over the world preserve the family history and memories that elders of the family have stored in their minds.

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