As You Digitize Your Family Memories They Are Safe with Legacy Republic

Do you worry that your family memories won’t be safe if you give them to someone to digitize? One of the reasons I decided to join with Legacy Republic is because of their excellent security and care of people’s precious Family Memories. For years I’ve hesitated to take my clients’ memories on VHS tapes, reel films, or photos and send them off somewhere to be digitized. When I got a tour of Legacy Republic’s memory factory I was very impressed. I felt I would be very comfortable helping families digitize and save their memories with this company.

When your family memories arrive at Legacy Republic they are tracked throughout the digitizing process. Your VHS tapes, reels of film, or other family memories are assigned a bar code and signed in. As they move through the digitizing process they are tracked with their bar codes. Then, when they leave the facility, they are still carefully tracked until they are safely returned to you with your DVD and online account.

The video below shows you the process.

Merriest of Memories

Merriest of Memories

Halloween has just finished and Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet.  However, it’s not too early to begin thinking of Christmas gifts for your family

Merriest of Memories
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Holiday Memories

 Custom-made gifts and special order gifts take time, and for some things December 1 is the deadline!

And what better personal gift to give than a gift of memories?

Here are some ideas to start you thinking:

Digitize those old family reel movies and VHS tapes.  With Legacy Republic you get an on-line account and 2 DVDs for each movie you transfer.  You can also share your account with up to 5 people. After all, isn’t sharing your memories what it’s all about?

DVD gifts
DVD Gifts

Once you have a Legacy Republic account you can order premium creationsfrom your family stories.

holiday gifts
Premium Gifts

Call Judy at 408-736-7841

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to help you digitize your memories.

Dec 1 is my collection deadline!

Need More Ideas?

  1. Collect all those good photos (not the blurry ones) from your smart phones and put them into a photo montage video for your long-distance family members.
  2. Give a gift certificate for a “2016 Year in Review” movie so you can include Christmas 2016 in the movie.  (Wouldn’t your kids’ grandparents enjoy watching their grandchildren’s lives and events throughout 2016?)

Did you know that KeepsakePix offers gift certificates?  Call Judy at 408-736-7841 to learn more.

Gift Certificate

Family Legacy Movies

Preserving your grandparents or parents stories for future generations is what KeepsakePix is all about.  Their stories need to live on after they’re gone. Adding your digitized photos or old movies to a video of your grandparents talking about them is priceless.

Want to take a peek at some family legacy movie samples?

Click here to see samples

Start thinking now about how you’d like to share your memories for the holidays.Judy

I’d be happy to brainstorm ideas with you.  But, don’t wait!

Dec 1 will be here before you know it.



Owner, KeepsakePix

Holiday special for 2011

Announcing this year’s Holiday special.  Buy one, get one free! 

Have us convert one VHS tape containing some of your favorite family memories to DVD  at regular price and get a DVD copy free. 

Do you still have precious family movies on the original VHS tapes?  How’s the color?  Are the tapes in good shape?  Or have they started to degrade?  Do you even have a VHS tape player to watch them on?

And now, after many years Grandma (or Uncle Joe or Aunt Mary) is gone and you’d like to share those movies with family members scattered all over the country (and maybe all over the world).

With the holidays coming upon us fast, this is the time to get them converted to DVD so you can give them as holiday gifts.

We convert VHS tapes and VHSc tapes only to DVD.  No, sorry, we don’t do super 8 or the old large reels.

  VHS and VHS-C tapes


We do more than just convert your tape.  Some of the older VHS tapes do not have titles or dates for the event.  By the time we finish, though, they will.  They will also have a custom label and come in a slim jewel case to save space.

 DVDs with custom labels


Call Judy at 408-736-7841 to place your order. 

Orders must be placed by December 1, 2011 to get this special.