An Example of How Video has Shortened One Company’s Sales Cycle by 44%

Converting More Customers and Decreasing Sales Cycle Length By 44%

People generally want to know what is the ROI of using video for their business. Here is another way of looking at the advantage of using video.

Brightcove has written an article describing how video has shortened one company’s sales cycle by 44% They utilized 300 of the most frequently-asked questions and created short how-to videos for each query, focusing on product demonstrations, troubleshooting, and technical features. Then they built a website for “The Learning Center,” where all the video content was housed. Prospects could access the site themselves or receive a video directly from a sales rep.

The business said “A lot of the time, our sales team spends about 45 minutes to an hour doing demos for a customer”. “Now, a salesperson can say, ‘Let’s talk on the phone, but in the meantime, watch a demo about the software.’ And then I know if the customer watches most of the demo, they’ll end up talking with a salesperson or engaging in a live chat. It frees up time and saves us money. For each hour-long demo, it’s worth about $2,000 of our time.”

“The Learning Center” has also helped improve company-customer relations.

Before, it took the company just about 160 days to finalize a sale. Now, with the implementation of “The Learning Center,” it takes them just under 90, marking a 44% decrease in average closing time.

To read the entire article go to:

Video shortened sales cycle by 44%

Tips to Prepare Your HuffPo Live Feed from Manoush Zamorodi


The idea with the Huffington Post’s new live video programming is that everyone, not just pundits and TV reporters, can contribute at any time. But it’s one thing to add a tweet to the social conversation online and quite another to actually go on camera.

Here’s how to be a great video contributor and make your mark on Huffington Post Live:

1. Get out the headphones.
Avoid the bright white iPhone earbuds and go with black. You’ll need them so you have decent audio quality and there’s no feedback when you are on-air.

2. Compose your shot.
Prop up your laptop on some books so your webcam is eye-level to avoid getting a double-chin. Have something more interesting than a white wall behind you, even if it’s just books.

3. Consider lighting.
Put on all the lights and sit in front of a window. Video needs a lot of light and a creepy dark room never makes a good impression.

4. Practice eye contact.
Be sure to look straight into the lens when you are talking AND listening. Pretend you are speaking directly to the host, not a piece of glass so you look engaged, not spacey.

5. Look good.
Wear a bright color so you pop from the screen (even on mobile devices) and blot your face beforehand for shine. Just because it’s online video doesn’t mean you can look schlumpy.

6. Prepare your thoughts.
If you’ve never been on camera (and even if you have), it’s wise to jot down your thoughts and think through what you plan on saying. Notes will help you make your point concisely and not get distracted by the rush of going “live”.

7. Enjoy the conversation.
Audiences love listening and watching people who look like they are enjoying themselves. So loosen up and have some fun! After all, HuffPo Live has 12 hours a day to fill…do well and chances are you’ll be back on camera in no time.

We’d like to thank Manoush for sharing these tips with us! Also, thanks to Anna Sacca for her help with this post as well!

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Source: 7 Tips to Stand Out as a Video Contributor on HuffPo Live
©2012 ReelSEO

Source: 7 Tips to Stand Out as a Video Contributor on HuffPo Live
©2012 ReelSEO

“The Business Video Shoot Extravaganza”

Video Business Shoot Extravaganza
How is your online visibility?

Do you have video on your website?

Visibility is your opportunity to

  • grow your business,
  • attract more clients, and
  • increase your income.

 If you don’t have a series of videos for your business you may be missing out!

 For whatever reason-whether it is time, budget, lack of video skills, or fear of video – you have a special opportunity to overcome all of these roadblocks and get your video(s) done!

On Friday June 15, 2012, from 8:15am to 5:30pm

Judy Blair (Videographer, Owner of KeepsakePix)


Lynn Hawkins (Business Coach with Skyhawk Enterprises)

… are making it SO EASY for you to grow your business with video, that you can’t afford not to take advantage of this offer. 

Finally you can . . .

  1. Get a professional video for your business
  2. Invest a minimal amount of time and money
  3. Get speech and presence coaching around filming your best video

 Here’s The Deal:

 On Friday June 15th, between 8:15am and 5:30pm, you show up for your 45 minute appointment and Judy will videotape you presenting your business message.  You will get 3 takes and can select the best of the 3.  Show up early and you’ll have the chance to rehearse with Lynn as your coach.

(NOTE:  There will be nominal editing of the video footage, i.e., placement of a title and an end tag only.)  From the best take, you will receive a 30 – 45 second video for your YouTube channel and you can upload it to your website.

Additional services are available at an added cost on the day of your video shoot.

Types of video possibilities:

  • Introduction of you and your business,
  • Giving a testimonial for another business that you have used,
  • Sharing information
  • Sharing instructions on how to do something

 And here is the best part … 

 The price is not $3,000 or even $1200!!


40% off   regular price!

You will have a professional video to place on your website, upload to your facebook page, and use in an email campaign.

Normally a $300 value from KeepsakePix, and over a $200 value from Skyhawk Enterprises if you show up early for the coaching, and

it’s all yours for an investment of  … ONLY  $179.00.

But, WAIT!!!

If you want more added to your video such as photos, graphics, music, PowerPoint slides, editing, and/or voiceover — you may pay for these additional options before your video shoot.

Videos will be completed within 30 days and will be produced in order of appointment.

Sign up early to get the time that best fits your schedule.  (Sign up for more than one time slot if you want more videos.)

If you want to discuss your video plans call Judy at 408-736-7841.

Go to  to sign up or Register Below!

You will receive a confirmation email with tips to make your video pop!  It will also include other important information so read it carefully!

Sign up Now!

We look forward to making this video shoot experience the reason you want to do more to help make your business grow.

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Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival 2012

Save the date! June 2 and 3, 2012.

The Art & Wine Festival is sponsored by the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce.

Enjoy this year’s 30-second video:

You will see hundreds of the country’s finest artists and crafts people. Enjoy delicious wines, local beers, margaritas, sangria, and champagne.

This year’s live stage music features the Peelers and Moonalice.

Don’t miss the great selection of food, and kids carnival rides. It all happens on Murphy Avene in downtown Sunnyvale.

Earth Day Fair April 22, 2012

Come celebrate spring at the 5th annual Earth Day Fair at Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale, CA  Sunday April 22 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Enjoy kids’ activities, a petting zoo, food trucks with healthy foods, environmental groups, and fun Farm contests including Prettiest Chicken and Pit-spitting!

Join us for the live Radio Disney show, kids’ entertainers Andy Z, Suzy Dorn, and the singing scientist Peter Weiss.  And for the adults, check out the green car exhibit including the new Fisker electric sports car.

April 22nd, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. 1055 Dunford Way, Sunnyvale, CA