LED Lights for Videography

As a mobile videographer I currently have one set of LED lights for videography that I use for small quick jobs that sit on their own tripod. It’s quite a convenient contraption and comes in its own carry case. However, for larger jobs that require more lights I need to carry around a huge camera bag containing tripods for lights, umbrellas, electrical cords, extension cords, and light bulbs.  It can weigh quite a bit and I’m always worried that the lights will break or burn out in the middle of a shoot. I’m looking for more sources of LED lighting for videography and I think I’ve found something.

I just discovered this video that shows how to make a flexible panel of LED lights. It is very light, it takes up very little space, and you don’t have to worry about replacement bulbs. The video creator also talks about the best lights to use for light quality, so you don’t have to search and compare like he did. The work’s already been done.

The panels look fairly easy, but a little tedious to make. When I have some time I might give it a try. I understand the dollar savings is substantial.


How to Make Flexible LED Panels

An infographic to help you Create a Family Legacy Video Your Family Will Love

Legacy Video Your Family Will Love

“As a mobile videographer, Judy Blair, owner of Keepsake Pix, helps families tell their stories and preserve their legacy for younger generations. Scrapbooks of photos become meaningless if no one remembers the family stories that are tied to those photos. Family legacy videos keep those stories–funny, silly or sentimental–alive for the youngest members to view.

Judy and C K Wilde sat down together recently to talk about her recommendations for creating a legacy video of a family member. If you own a low cost camera or a smartphone that records HD video (most newer models), you can shoot a family legacy video.

We created an infographic to help you plan, prepare, shoot, edit and share your legacy video with your family.”

Tips to Prepare Your HuffPo Live Feed from Manoush Zamorodi


The idea with the Huffington Post’s new live video programming is that everyone, not just pundits and TV reporters, can contribute at any time. But it’s one thing to add a tweet to the social conversation online and quite another to actually go on camera.

Here’s how to be a great video contributor and make your mark on Huffington Post Live:

1. Get out the headphones.
Avoid the bright white iPhone earbuds and go with black. You’ll need them so you have decent audio quality and there’s no feedback when you are on-air.

2. Compose your shot.
Prop up your laptop on some books so your webcam is eye-level to avoid getting a double-chin. Have something more interesting than a white wall behind you, even if it’s just books.

3. Consider lighting.
Put on all the lights and sit in front of a window. Video needs a lot of light and a creepy dark room never makes a good impression.

4. Practice eye contact.
Be sure to look straight into the lens when you are talking AND listening. Pretend you are speaking directly to the host, not a piece of glass so you look engaged, not spacey.

5. Look good.
Wear a bright color so you pop from the screen (even on mobile devices) and blot your face beforehand for shine. Just because it’s online video doesn’t mean you can look schlumpy.

6. Prepare your thoughts.
If you’ve never been on camera (and even if you have), it’s wise to jot down your thoughts and think through what you plan on saying. Notes will help you make your point concisely and not get distracted by the rush of going “live”.

7. Enjoy the conversation.
Audiences love listening and watching people who look like they are enjoying themselves. So loosen up and have some fun! After all, HuffPo Live has 12 hours a day to fill…do well and chances are you’ll be back on camera in no time.

We’d like to thank Manoush for sharing these tips with us! Also, thanks to Anna Sacca for her help with this post as well!

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Source: 7 Tips to Stand Out as a Video Contributor on HuffPo Live http://www.reelseo.com/tips-huffpo-live/#ixzz24xdI8hTP
©2012 ReelSEO

Source: 7 Tips to Stand Out as a Video Contributor on HuffPo Live http://www.reelseo.com/tips-huffpo-live/#ixzz24xbkpgP1
©2012 ReelSEO