Before you give away your scrapbook, . . .

You’ve spent weeks, maybe months creating that beautiful scrapbook for your daughter.  Now you’re ready to surprise her on her birthday with the gift.  You are so proud of it!  And all the love that went into creating it is very visible for anyone who looks at it.  And, you don’t want to admit that you’d kind of like to keep it for yourself.  Well, there is something you can do.

Before you give it away turn it into a DVD that you can look at and even share with other family members far away who won’t see the scrapbook.

We very carefully remove each page, scan it into the computer, then turn it into a custom-made DVD with music that you can watch over and over again on your TV.

Love Scrapbooks But Hate To Scrapbook?

A hand-made scrapbook is a work of art.  It can be a coalescence of photo memories, written history, and artistic creativity.

If you love scrapbooks the hours it takes to create them are nothing compared to the joy of seeing your visions come alive.  And the boxes of special papers with their textures, patterns, and colors , the ribbons, the embellishments, the stamps, and all the other scrapbooking paraphernalia are the scrapbooker’s delights and special toys.

But to others all these materials are nothing but clutter.  And the thought of spending hours selecting photos, choosing just the right papers, and writing about  the significance of those photos feels more like a chore than a thrill.

There is an alternative to all that physical clutter.  It’s called on-line photo albums where you create scrapbook pages on line and order the pages or the book from the vendor.  There are also many computer software programs that allow you to create your own pages digitally and print them out yourself. 

Again, for some, this is just too much work!  And many folks just don’t feel creative enough to take on something like this.  They’d rather be out bicycling, swimming, or hiking.  For them, there is still another alternative — Hire someone to do it for you!

National Scrapbooking Day is Saturday May 1st, 2010

Did you know there is a national scrapbooking day?  I didn’t ’till now.

Here’s a link to their site:

Apparently scrapbooking stores that sell scrapbooking supplies are all having special events that day.  Some events will even last all weekend to give participants enought time to make great strides on their projects.

Don’t forget–after you’ve completed your scrapbook before you give it away let us make a DVD movie of it so you and others can enjoy it for many years.