Why Create A Family Legacy Movie?

Family legacy movies that incorporate stories, interviews, and old photos and film footage offer an effective and lasting way to help future generations understand their roots, their family culture and heritage.

The Past

Until very recently, families shared their important stories and history by word of mouth.  Grandparents would sit with wide-eyed children to tell stories of days gone by.

Those of us who heard such stories hold precious treasures that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren—tales of courage, achievement, family values, and belonging.  Those stories are about our families, but may reflect an entire town or era.


Today, as family members live further apart, the tradition of sharing family stories orally is in decline and many family stories are being lost. Fortunately, the same modern technology that allows us to stay in touch also enables us to pass on family stories to future generations.

Family members can make legacy movies themselves or seek help from professional writers or videographers.  No matter how you proceed, the important goal is to ensure that your family’s history will remain alive for coming generations.

KeepsakePix will give you the opportunity to talk about what is most important to you and share the wonderful moments and memories that have made you who you are.  I will shoot your video, combine the video footage with old photos, and your favorite music to tell your story in a beautiful keepsake movie that you and your family will treasure for years.

Don’t let your family history and memories fade away.  Investing in a KeepsakePix family legacy movie is a loving gift to your family and descendants, and I’ll make sure that you enjoy the process.