Video Samples

Below are truncated versions of some of the videos KeepsakePix has produced. They are organized by:  keepsake videos, business videos, non-profit-organization videos, event videos, and video editing samples.  For a more extensive selection of our video samples, visit our YouTube channel.

Keepsake Videos:

Over the years our keepsake videos have included weddings, wedding receptions, performances, school events, and community events among others.

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Business Videos:

Small businesses need video to successfully promote their businesses. Our marketing videos help impact consumer purchase decisions by making your business found on the internet when consumers are looking for your product or service.

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Non Profit Organization Videos:

You can write multitudes about all the good your organization does, but written words don’t tell your story like video does. People like to share video and those “shares” will increase community engagement and get your followers to spread the word for you.
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Event Videos:

Sometimes you want to capture the video of an event you’ve created for the fun and sentimental values. Or you may spend a lot of time putting together great events to market your business. Take a look at some samples of both kinds of videos here.

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Video Editing Samples:

Did you bring back lots of photos and video clips from your last vacation and you want a movie of your experience, but you don’t have the software or skills to put it all together? Or, do you have an older video that needs updating with some new clips that you’ve taken recently? Here are a couple of samples of both those situations.

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