Photo Restoration

We take pride in our photo restoration.  After we scan your paper photos, all adjustments are done digitally so we never make any changes to your original photo.

When we scan your photo, we determine which resolution is best for each photo.  Then we digitally remove scratches, marks, tears, even ink.  Next we restore the color.  When we create photo montage or family legacy movies it is imperative that we restore the photos that will be a part of the  movie.

Perhaps you have treasured photo albums containing black pages, descriptions written in white ink or pencil, and photo album corners glued on the pages.  The photos are marked, torn, have colored marks on them, and writing across the photos.


Old photo album page
Old photo album with black pages and damaged photos
Old torn photo
Very Old Torn and Wrinkled Photo
Old torn and discolored photo
Very old black and white torn, wrinkled, and discolored photo




Anything film or paper based will deteriorate over time.  A proper storage environment is the best defense against deterioration.  Factors that may have affected the preservation of your photos are relative humidity, temperature, air pollution, and light.  Fluctuating relative humidity can cause image deterioration and shrinking and cracking of the binder, thus causing curling of the paper.

High temperatures causes a fast rate of deterioration. Combined with high humidity and damaging effects of air pollution, many color dyes will fade and discolor.  Paper will also yellow and become brittle, especially if the paper is acidic.  High temperature and humidity may also contribute to the growth of microscopic mold spores on the image. Once active mold infests a photograph it is usually impossible to remove without damaging the photograph.  Often people store old photos and old photo albums in basements or garages where mold may flourish and damage the photos.

Scanning and photo restoration is sometimes the only way to save your treasured family history and memories.