Custom Creative Photo Montage Services

KeepsakePix specializes in custom creative photo montage services that preserve all of life’s important events.

What do I use for a Custom Creative Photo Montage?

Family events of many kinds are the foundation of moments that may turn into cherished family memories that you will want to preserve for you and your family, as well as generations to come. Whether it is Johnny’s first step, Emma’s Halloween party at school, or Nancy’s high-school graduation, these are events that family members remember and will treasure over the years as they view them on their television screen.

How do we create a Custom Creative Photo Montage?

No matter what the event is, KeepsakePix takes your photos and home movies, weaves them together with your special music or voice-over and creates a custom video. We assemble and create a photo montage movie that will play on your DVD player. You give us your .jpg images on CD or DVD, your printed photographs, and/or your .mpg files on CD, DVD, SD or XD card. We will then turn them into a beautiful keepsake photo montage video with a custom-printed label.

The final products could be graduation movies, memorial tribute movies, neighborhood party movies, religious celebration movies, travel videos, school event videos, wedding DVDs, home renovation movies, and more.

As you peruse the sampling of events on this website hopefully you will get ideas for creating special keepsake movies to help you remember those moments that weave the tapestry of your lives.
Each keepsake movie is custom-made especially for you.

Custom DVDs
Samples of our DVD labels


Below are some samples of our custom photo montage videos. See more samples on our KeepsakePix YouTube channel.

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Testimonial for KeepsakePix


Dani gives a testimonial for KeepsakePix for the many videos Judy created which documented her autistic daughter’s life in movies. She describes how these videos have helped her daughter’s socialization skills.