Do you know HOW to Preserve and Share Your Memories?

If not, we can help!

With our photo and video services in Sunnyvale, CA, KeepsakePix helps you preserve your family memories with a variety of services and products.

Family Memories

Family events are the foundation of moments that may turn into cherished family memories. You will want to preserve these for you and your family, as well as generations to come. Whether it is Johnny’s first step, or Nancy’s high-school graduation, these are events that family members remember and will treasure over the years as they view them on their television screen. What a treasure to pull out one of these special movies at a family gathering. And don’t forget your family reunions. They are a rich source of stories and family histories.

Our Services

No matter what the event is, KeepsakePix will create a memorable keepsake with our keepsake photo and video services. We collect your photos and home movies, weave them together with your special music or voice-over and create unique DVDs that your whole family will enjoy. These could be graduation movies, memorial tribute movies, or neighborhood party movies. Or, perhaps they are religious celebration movies, travel videos, school event videos, or wedding DVDs. Your family will never tire of watching them.

Family Legacy Movies

And, of course, remembering the special family members who have family history and memories to share is our specialty. Our family legacy movies are treasures that you can’t put a price on. When your great grandchildren watch their ancestors come alive on the big screen in front of them the awe and amazement is immeasurable. We travel to you to shoot your video, edit the video and weave in your family photos and music, then create a family legacy movie that you and your future generations will treasure.

As you peruse the sampling of events on this website hopefully you will get ideas for creating your own special keepsake movies to help you remember those moments that weave the tapestry of your lives.

Don’t have time to do it yourself? Don’t want to learn how to do it yourself? Our keepsake photo and video services will give you just the product you dream of.

What do I use for a Custom Creative Photo Montage?

KeepsakePix specializes in custom creative photo montage services that preserve all of life’s important events.

Family events of many kinds are the foundation of moments that may turn into cherished family memories that you will want to preserve for you and your family, as well as generations to come. Whether it is Johnny’s first step, Emma’s Halloween party at school, or Nancy’s high-school graduation, these are events that family members remember and will treasure over the years as they view them on their television screen.

How do we create a Custom Creative Photo Montage?

Custom Creative Photo Montage

No matter what the event is, KeepsakePix takes your photos and home movies, weaves them together with your special music or voice-over and creates a custom video. We assemble and create a photo montage movie that will play on your DVD player. You give us your .jpg images on CD or DVD, your printed photographs, and/or your .mpg files on CD, DVD, SD or XD card. We will then turn them into a beautiful keepsake photo montage video with a custom-printed label.

The final products could be graduation movies, memorial tribute movies, neighborhood party movies, religious celebration movies, travel videos, school event videos, wedding DVDs, home renovation movies, and more.

As you peruse the sampling of events on this website hopefully you will get ideas for creating special keepsake movies to help you remember those moments that weave the tapestry of your lives.
Each keepsake movie is custom-made especially for you.

Digitizing your memories

Over 90 million households across the nation have film reels, VHS tapes, images, and slides buried inside their home. There may be a photo album stacked in between children’s books, or boxes of photo albums and VHS tapes in a box in the garage. Or, perhaps, you have boxes of unsorted photographs on closet shelves and you just need a pathway to deal with it.

Now I can help you deal with your media as I’ve recently partnered with Legacy Republic to help you preserve your memories.


We love finding new products that help you preserve and share your memories. On this page we’ll show you products we love that will help you do this.

Remember those old, degenerating photo albums we’ve talked about that everybody has? Nobody wants to take the time to pull the photos out or risk damaging the photos by trying to unstick them from their pages. Once you do that the photos will then have to be scanned, and that’s a tedious task or you have to pay someone to do it for you. Photomyne is a wonderful new app that will do all that for you. It is available for mobile phones only.

1. Photomyne

Click here to order Photomyne.

There are quite a few online photobook software programs, but we love MIXBOOK! The program offers a multitude of themes, page layouts, background papers, and embellishments.

2. Mixbook
is a scrapbook type editor (online) that helps you create photo books:

Overwhelmed by the thought of photo organizing?

Do you feel panicked by the thought of photo organizing? Are you overwhelmed by those boxes of photos you have tucked away in your closets, garage, or spare bedroom? If so, you are not alone.

In response to lots of inquiries about “What should I do with all my old photos and memories? I don’t want to lose them!” KeepsakePix has a solution.

Photo Bees

Remember those old “quilting bees” or “sewing bees” where women used to sit around for hours working on quilts or sewing projects? At various times KeepsakePix offers a series of workshops where you actually have time set aside and the space away from distractions for you to work on your disorganized photos.

Participants get ideas of many possible things they can do with their photos. They get permission to toss blurry photos, or photos containing people they don’t know. They also get permission to not feel like they have to organize all the photos.

Sometimes pulling out certain photos to create a specific project creates a sense of both beginning and accomplishment.

They get lots of ideas — from basic organizing of both paper and digital photos, to scanning paper photos to digital format, to creating on-line photo books. There are more things–putting the digitized photos on CDs to give to their children, touching up and re-printing photos to put into albums, creating scrapbooks using some of the photos, and having photo-montage movies made from some of the photos.

Event Details

KeepsakePix organizes the time and space and provides guidance for participants to work on their photos.

They sign up for 5 workshop sessions where they will create their own photo project. In the workshops they will receive personal coaching from Judy Blair, owner of KeepsakePix.

Contact us if you want to know when the next workshop will be held. Or sign up for our newsletter as they are announced in the newsletter.

Photo Restoration

We take pride in our photo restoration. After we scan your paper photos, all adjustments are done digitally so we never make any changes to your original photo.

When we scan your photo, we determine which resolution is best for each photo. Then we digitally remove scratches, marks, tears, even ink. Next we restore the color. When we create photo montage or family legacy movies it is imperative that we restore the photos that will be a part of the movie.

Perhaps you have treasured photo albums containing black pages, descriptions written in white ink or pencil, and photo album corners glued on the pages. The photos are marked, torn, have colored marks on them, and writing across the photos.

Old photo pageOld photo album with black pages and damaged photos

old photoVery Old Torn and Wrinkled Photo

Very old black and white torn, wrinkled, and discolored photo

Anything film or paper based will deteriorate over time. A proper storage environment is the best defense against deterioration. Factors that may have affected the preservation of your photos are relative humidity, temperature, air pollution, and light. Fluctuating relative humidity can cause image deterioration and shrinking and cracking of the binder, thus causing curling of the paper.

High temperatures causes a fast rate of deterioration. Combined with high humidity and damaging effects of air pollution, many color dyes will fade and discolor. Paper will also yellow and become brittle, especially if the paper is acidic. High temperature and humidity may also contribute to the growth of microscopic mold spores on the image. Once active mold infests a photograph it is usually impossible to remove without damaging the photograph. Often people store old photos and old photo albums in basements or garages where mold may flourish and damage the photos.

Scanning and photo restoration is sometimes the only way to save your treasured family history and memories.

Transferring VHS to DVD

Do you still have some of your favorite family movies on the original VHS tapes? How’s the color? Are the tapes in good shape? Or have they started to degrade? Do you even have a VHS tape player to watch them on?

Old Media

And now, after many years Grandma (or Uncle Joe or Aunt Mary) is gone and you’d like to share those movies with family members scattered all over the country (and maybe all over the world).

KeepsakePix can help you convert all your old media to digital format. Whether it is VHS tapes, Beta tapes, old movie reels, photo albums, slides, or photos I help you save those memories before they deteriorate any further.

By partnering with Legacy Republic I can save you the hassle of mailing off your precious memories to an unknown facility. I provide “white-glove” service by meeting with you, helping you decide which memories to transfer, and hand-carrying them to Legacy Republic’s local facility. And Legacy Republic will provide you with your own private account where you can share your memories with family and friends.

Call me for more information or to schedule an appointment. 408-736-7841

When you transfer your memories you get a free online account as part of your service. You can view, edit, and share your memories on any device. This short video tells you more.

What have you done with all your travel photos?

Tip: When travelling and taking photos, be sure to include people in some of the photos.

Don’t let all your travel photos just sit in your computer where nobody will see them. Turn those photos into travel videos. Share them with friends and family on a photo montage DVD. Have a movie night with your family reminiscing while you watch your photos slide by on the big screen with music you’ve picked. Whether it is New York travel, or travel to Hawaii, Florida, Europe, or other exotic location, your custom-made home travel movies will bring you hours of enjoyment.

Wedding Video Services

Our wedding video services will bring the treasured moments of your special day to life for you to relive any time you want. Remember those throw-away cameras you placed on your reception tables? And didn’t everyone send you their photos!!! What do you do with them?

KeepsakePix will incorporate the best of everyone’s photos into a beautiful wedding movie with music. You can even add the professional photographer’s photos — and movie footage. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind keepsake wedding movie. And, you can get as many copies as you need so you can send one to each of your guests and bridal party members.

On a limited basis our wedding video services include the videotaping and production of wedding videos ourselves.

Below are some samples of our custom photo montage videos. See more samples on our KeepsakePix YouTube channel.

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