Photo Organizing Made Easy


Overwhelmed by the thought of photo organizing?

Do you feel panicked by the thought of photo organizing? Are you overwhelmed by those boxes of photos you have tucked away in your closets, garage, or spare bedroom? If so, you are not alone.

In response to lots of inquiries about “What should I do with all my old photos and memories? I don’t want to lose them!” KeepsakePix has a solution.

Photo Bees

Remember those old “quilting bees” or “sewing bees” where women used to sit around for hours working on quilts or sewing projects? At various times KeepsakePix offers a series of workshops where you actually have time set aside and the space away from distractions for you to work on your disorganized photos.

Participants get ideas of many possible things they can do with their photos. They get permission to toss blurry photos, or photos containing people they don’t know. They also get permission to not feel like they have to organize all the photos.

Sometimes pulling out certain photos to create a specific project creates a sense of both beginning and accomplishment.

They get lots of ideas — from basic organizing of both paper and digital photos, to scanning paper photos to digital format, to creating on-line photo books. There are more things–putting the digitized photos on CDs to give to their children, touching up and re-printing photos to put into albums, creating scrapbooks using some of the photos, and having photo-montage movies made from some of the photos.

Event Details

KeepsakePix organizes the time and space and provides guidance for participants to work on their photos.

They sign up for 5 workshop sessions where they will create their own photo project. In the workshops they will receive personal coaching from Judy Blair, owner of KeepsakePix.

Contact us if you want to know when the next workshop will be held. Or sign up for our newsletter as they are announced in the newsletter.


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