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Do you know HOW to Preserve and Share Your Memories?

If not, we can help!

With our photo and video services in Sunnyvale, CA, KeepsakePix helps you preserve your family memories with a variety of services and products.

Family Memories

Family events are the foundation of moments that may turn into cherished family memories. You will want to preserve these for you and your family, as well as generations to come. Whether it is Johnny’s first step, or Nancy’s high-school graduation, these are events that family members remember and will treasure over the years as they view them on their television screen. What a treasure to pull out one of these special movies at a family gathering. And don’t forget your family reunions. They are a rich source of stories and family histories.

Family Reunion

Family Reunion


Our Services
No matter what the event is, KeepsakePix will create a memorable keepsake with our keepsake photo and video services. We collect your photos and home movies, weave them together with your special music or voice-over and create unique DVDs that your whole family will enjoy. These could be graduation movies, memorial tribute movies, or neighborhood party movies. Or, perhaps they are religious celebration movies, travel videos, school event videos, or wedding DVDs. Your family will never tire of watching them.

Family Legacy Movies

And, of course, remembering the special family members who have family history and memories to share is our specialty. Our family legacy movies are treasures that you can’t put a price on. When your great grandchildren watch their ancestors come alive on the big screen in front of them the awe and amazement is immeasurable. We travel to you to shoot your video, edit the video and weave in your family photos and music, then create a family legacy movie that you and your future generations will treasure.

As you peruse the sampling of events on this website hopefully you will get ideas for creating your own special keepsake movies to help you remember those moments that weave the tapestry of your lives.

Don’t have time to do it yourself? Don’t want to learn how to do it yourself? Our keepsake photo and video services will give you just the product you dream of.



Photos bring back memories and memories bring back feelings.


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