As You Digitize Your Family Memories They Are Safe with Legacy Republic

Do you worry that your family memories won’t be safe if you give them to someone to digitize? One of the reasons I decided to join with Legacy Republic is because of their excellent security and care of people’s precious Family Memories. For years I’ve hesitated to take my clients’ memories on VHS tapes, reel films, or photos and send them off somewhere to be digitized. When I got a tour of Legacy Republic’s memory factory I was very impressed. I felt I would be very comfortable helping families digitize and save their memories with this company.

When your family memories arrive at Legacy Republic they are tracked throughout the digitizing process. Your VHS tapes, reels of film, or other family memories are assigned a bar code and signed in. As they move through the digitizing process they are tracked with their bar codes. Then, when they leave the facility, they are still carefully tracked until they are safely returned to you with your DVD and online account.

The video below shows you the process.