Family Legacy Movie Samples

These are previews of full-length family legacy movies.

90th Birthday Celebration

This is a family legacy video sample of a longer movie created to celebrate Kathy’s mom’s 90th birthday. She wanted to make a family legacy movie of her mom so that her children, grandchildren, and future generations would know her. When Kathy traveled to the Midwest to visit her Mom she filmed the video. She brought it back to California and asked KeepsakePix to put it all together. The family legacy movie was shown at her Mom’s 90th birthday party celebration for all the family to see.

Family Legacy Movie with Testimonial Voice-Over

This movie was taken immediately after John’s father was released from the hospital. His brother was in town and the family wanted to capture their father the weekend after they called me.This sample combines a small sample of the movie with John’s testimonial as a voice-over.

Film to VHS to DVD with Voice-Over

What is unique about this movie is the way it was created. Meredith had old reels of film that her Dad had taken. She eventually had them converted to VHS tapes. Then she asked KeepsakePix to convert them to DVD. Next we recorded Meredith as she viewed the DVD, talking to her family explaining what was in the movie, describing some of the history of San Jose and pointing out family members in their younger years. Then we put it all together! As you can tell from the movie Meredith is talking to her children and grandchildren. She is preserving and sharing her family legacy and memories for generations to come.

Surprise Family Visit

This movie was created when the son came for a surprise visit to his Dad. The video camera was unobtrusively running throughout the day while the two were talking. The son picked up an old photo album and asked his Dad lots of questions about the photos. The photos appearing on the screen are the photos in the album. What you see is the result of this impromptu conversation containing lots of family history and memories.

For the Family, Before it’s too Late

Anna’s daughter knew that her mom was in failing health and acted quickly to have her videotaped talking about her family history and her memories. In this movie Anna is interviewed by her granddaughter. The family was so thankful to have the movie of her after she passed away.

Memorial Tribute

This is a sample of a memorial tribute created after Shirley passed. It was produced in two versions. One version is on DVD. The other version is in a format that allowed the family to transfer the movie to a laptop so it could be shown on the church’s large TV as part of the memorial ceremony.