My cat and the vet

One night at about 9:30 I was sitting at my computer with the fleece blanket on my lap, topped off by my 15-year old male cat.  Per usual he was kneading the blanket.  Then his hind quarters started shaking.  If I tried to move him he would meow sharply at me.  I thought he was in pain or might be having some kind of neurological problem so I called the emergency animal clinic.  Of course they told me to bring him in.  After 3 hours, blood work, urinalysis, and a $300 bill I took him home with no diagnosis.

The next night the same thing happened, so I asked my husband to video him.  I posted the video on a website and sent the link to my veterinarian.  She called me back 2 days later and told me that she had shown the video to the other vets in the practice and they all came to the same conclusion.  I didn’t need to worry. 

They all thought he was humping the blanket!!