Testimonials for Business Videos

Video Testimonials

Not only do we produce testimonial videos for our clients, they also give testimonials for Videos we have produced for them. Below are both video and written testimonials from KeepsakePix’s clients.

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Written Testimonials

“Hi Judy, Dave and I viewed the DVD for Greg’s surprise party and absolutely love it! The edited photos looked great and we loved the transitions you did. And the icing on the cake was the video of him drumming on stage. Can’t wait to show it on Saturday.”
Julie H
Sunnyvale, CA

“As my biological clock was ticking away I decided to explore adoption. One of the requirements was a photo scrapbook that portrayed my life for potential birth mothers. Not being a scrapbook-type person, KeepsakePix saved my life. I attribute the birth mother’s picking me to the beautiful digital scrapbook KeepsakePix made for me.”
Adoptive parent
Chevy Chase, MD